Parrots Only Aviary is a closed aviary located in central Canada. We are a home based breeder of spoon-fed, fully weaned, socialized companion birds. 

We breed:

  • African Greys - Congo
  • Caiques - White Bellied
  • Cockatoos - Rose Breasted (Galah)
  • Hawkhead
  • Parakeets - Derbyan

          If we currently have no available chicks and you want to be added to our waiting list,
          please contact us at the address below

We ship via WestJet within Canada only.  We do not ship internationally.

Contact us at: or visit us on Facebook

Member of Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada (AACC)

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Updated August 15, 2021

Working nest box

On Eggs

Chicks in nest box
Derbyan Parakeet

Chicks in nursery
Congo African Grey -2

Available Birds
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Galah Cockatoo
White Bellied Caique
Congo African Gray
Rose Breasted Cockatoo
Double Yellow Headed Amazon

Congo African Grey
White Bellied Caique
Red Belly Parrot Peek-a-boo

Red Belly Parrot Peek-a-boo